Finished food Safety Course (FSC) Level 1 via NTUC Learninghub

The class started at 9.00. There were 10 participants. Some had problem accessing Zoom and accepted later. The instructions given were the following:

  1. Switch video on all time. If you are using Tab or phone, prepare another device to access the online assessment (Canvas,
  2. Scan QR code to update learner’s particular
  3. Save zoom link somewhere accessible in case participant get booted out due to poor connection.
  4. Assessment will be the following
    • 25 multiple choice questions (MCQ)
    • 5 short answer questions
    • Practical session, e.g., oral questions and demonstration (hand washing and food handling)

The agenda of the lecture is about personal hygiene, safe ingredients, handling, storage, and overall cleanliness.

Practical food handling

Prepare the following: glove (or chopstick, tongs), container (with ready to eat food), and serving plate.

The instructions: transfer the food from the container to the plate. Response: wear glove, open container, take the food and place on plate.

The instruction: receive the money. Response: take of glove to receive money.

Oral questions (with photos)

  1. Items to wear at workplace? Covered shoe, cook hat, apron, and/or head net cap. Inappropriate ones are slippers, torn and tattered aprons, and jewelry.
  2. Proper PPE? Anti-slip covered shoe, apron, and cook hat
  3. Placement of ready to eat and raw food in chiller? Ready to eat at top and raw food at the bottom.
  4. Store canned food. Ensure item is not expired or physically damaged (e.g. dented).

The course takes 7.5 hours, with intermittent breaks at 10 min. Lunch from 12.00 to 13.30. I think the course can be shortened, especially when the course material is given to participants earlier for reference. By then, participants would be ready for the test.

The course material is 135 pages long but the content is easy and fast to follow. The 8-step hand wash requires more practice.

Note that the trainer will help participants to understand and pass the course. This course’s main purpose is to help improve participants’ understanding about proper and safe food handling. It is not out to fail (if participants really understand the topic).

Updated Dec 2021: To download certificate after the course completion, go to myskillfuture (ref. 2)


  1. Food Safety Course (FSC) requirement to work in food and beverage (F&B). How to register (
  2. How to download your certificates attained from NTUC Leaninghub or SkillFuture (

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